ECCO Ocean is a private and individual initiative founded by a marine biologist specialist in dolphin studies. ECCO Ocean develops a strategy in which its marine research is self-financed through ecotourism.



Sailing is the most relaxing and eco-friendly way to meet the wonders of the ocean. Our crew of ocean explorers will sail the boat keeping the engine at rest as long as possible in order to make the experience as pure as possible. All trips are crewed with an expert in marine fauna, local history and geology. All trips include fresh water, all security items and insurance. Beverages and snacks are available in some experiences. ECCO Ocean’s main purpose is to study marine life, which means that we will be always looking for the dolphins. During this process you will have a glimpse of how scientists collect data in the field. All tours are weather dependent. We have contingence plans to minimise cancelation booked experiences, but changes on the routes and destinies may occur.


Megaptera is ECCO Ocean’s first vessel. She is a unique vessel: fast, quiet and comfortable. With a deck area 3 times larger than a boat of the same length, she is ideal when the main objective is to enjoy the sun and the landscape.

Model: Corsair Marine 36
Lenght: 11m
Beam: 8m
Nº de passagers: 8
She has WC and kitchen

She was conceived through a Polynesian’s design, the trimaran, which consists of a main hull and two smaller lateral ones, the amas. These give extra stability, allowing to dispense the ballast, which is normally used on the keel of regular sailboats. This allows her to be lighter and consequently faster than a sailboat of the same size and sail area.


Marine scientific research was the main reason ECCO Ocean’s project started. During all the tours, the geographical positions of dolphins, birds, sea turtles and large fish are collected to be used in occurrence, distribution and density studies of these species. The presence of vessels and marine litter is another type of studies that are important for conservation regarding the human impact on the environment.
In addition to the data recorded during the tours, part of the revenue is earmarked for a research fund to allow affordable prices for academic projects and to fund proper research surveys. These involve pre-defined and standardized routes, extended time in the Sea and a larger teams of professionals on board.


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