Dolphins and Seabirds

Bartholomew Diaz Expedition - Dolphin Watching from Lisbon

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Become an explorer like in the age of discoveries, leave the crowded river and sail into the Ocean. Get immersed in Atlantic's vastness and quietness, enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and experience the warm reception of our dolphins and sea birds.

This experience is ideal for those looking for a natural escape. Admire the wild landscape, the dolphins, seabirds and other marine life from the comfort of a spacious and cozy sailing trimaran. As in the expedition of Bartolomeu Dias that sailed south by the African Coast, we will also sail south by the Coast of Caparica. Here 10 km of protected cliffs maintain its natural appearance with extensive wild beaches. Contrary to Bartolomeu Dias, the discovery during this tour will not aim to find spices nor gold, but dolphins and other marine life.

We consider that 4 hours is enough to have good chances of returning with cameras filled with dolphins and with luck different species too. It seems long but time will fly, as our specialist biologist on board will take you on a learning quest, from the prehistory that carved the landscape, to the magnificent creatures of the Ocean. Dolphins, seabirds, pelagic fish like sharks, whales and sea turtles are examples of the marine life that inhabit these waters. You will learn the differences between species and their way of living. Our research boat enables you to observe them close to an arm’s reach but it still is spacious enough to walk around. There are wide seating spots where you can enjoy our didactic material, the Sun, beverages and appetizers. We are the only licensed dolphin watching agency departing from Lisbon.

All expeditions are genuine scientific surveys where a biologist is always present collecting valuable data and you are our guests. Everyone is invited to experience the “shoes” of a researcher, learning how to identify and photograph dolphins like a professional. As we like to be one with the environment, we will sail under minimum engine use, which also will provide a more pure experience.



4 hours, 60€