Dolphins and Seabirds

Bartholomew Diaz Expedition - Dolphin Watching from Lisbon

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Become an explorer and leave the crowded river and sail into the Ocean. Get immersed in Atlantic's vastness, enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and experience the warm reception of our dolphins and sea birds.

This experience is ideal for those looking for a natural escape. Admire the wild landscape, the dolphins, seabirds and other marine life. This experience has 9 out of 10 chances to be more than a regular a boat tour. Finding the dolphins is a magic moment that you'll be remembering for decades.

The expeditions take 3 hours, but we have an extra hour included if needed. It seems long but time will fly, as your host is a dolphin specialist and will present you the view from a scientist's perspective, taking you on a learning quest, from the prehistory that carved the landscape, to the magnificent creatures of the Ocean. Other sea souls that you can find are the moon fish, sword fish, whales, sharks but most likely the seabirds, birds that are rarely seen from the coast, like the northern gannet, shearwater, skuas and petrels.

We are the first licensed dolphin watching agency in Lisbon. All expeditions are genuine scientific surveys, our clients are the dolphins and you are our supporters! Your host is a marine biologist with 12 years of experience studying these specific dolphins and whales! Everyone is invited to experience the “shoes” of a researcher and you will learn the differences between the species and their way of living.

We will try our best for you to leave with much more than you arrived! But remember, our expeditions are completely dependent on sea conditions. Our aim is to find dolphins, so we'll work with the boat that suits best the forecast and the group. If you have a specific boat type in mind let us know, we work with many boats!






Up to 4 hours, 60€